Where to find us:​​

318 N 6th St.

San Jose, CA  95112



“People say, "What is the sense of our small effort?" They cannot see that we must lay one brick at a time, take one step at a time.” 

― Dorothy Day


We are advocates for the homeless, providers of shelter and direct service, members of churches, and volunteers. We are members of San Jose Catholic Worker, and Sleeping Bags for the Homeless.

San Jose  Hope Village

In 2018 San Jose Hope Village was created due to first hand experience of watching the homeless face inhumane treatment. S J Hope Village grew out of the concerns and frustrations of San Jose Catholic Workers who regularly witnessed the horrific conditions which homeless, living in encampments, experienced. We participated in a year long effort to get the City and Water District to recognize the injustices being done and to change their response to homeless encampments with no positive out comes.


No longer  willing to wait for the local government to act, a group of homeless advocates came together to start  San Jose Hope Village. Our mission is to organize and develop successful tent communities for homeless individuals. To provide a safe, clean, protected space to live on a continuous basis and a path for personal development until permanent housing is available.  


We presented the idea to the homeless community who responded enthusiastically. We consult with our homeless friends on a continual basis as we move forward with our project. They continue to be a valuable part of our planning and implementation.


The project is  all volunteers and privately funded. San Jose Catholic Worker led  effort to organize Hope Village.  The project operates through Casa de Clara Catholic Worker, donations are tax deductible.


Leadership team: Peter Conk, Edie Brodsky, Stan Taylor, Phil Roemer